Here We Go Again

I finally looked at this site again and realized I hadn’t posted anything since…(drumroll, please)….2013!

So, let’s try this again.

First: I now have a YouTube Channel. Go over there and subscribe, why doncha? I’ve got videos featuring me and Pastor Brian Antonio discussing the theology of the TV show Lucifer. I’ve got videos of people reading the first chapters of my books and some of my short stories; I’ve got videos of me and my friend Anne discussing horror movies; and there’s even more than that!

Learn how to make a Gooey Butter Cake (a St. Louis thing) of the maple variety, topped with candied bourbon nuts.

Listen to Aaron AuBuchon of Webster University discuss horror fandom.

Know anything about West African languages? Here’s a video where Steven Awiba (Yaw) discusses his online efforts to spread knowledge of Twi, an Akan language of Ghana.

And much, much more!

Also, I’m going to be putting an online store on this site in the near future. With everything shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic, our church has had to cancel all of our fundraising efforts. We are a tiny congregation just trying to scrape by while doing our part for the community. Our congregation is Open & Affirming (that’s United Church of Christ talk for accepting everyone, including our LGBTQ siblings); we currently are hosting a food bank in the basement; and we are always looking for more ways to help. Unfortunately, due to our size, we can’t help as much as we used to. There simply aren’t enough hands to go around. But we still need to meet our operational expenses. To that end, we were going to have a “Taste of Zion” event in March, an Easter Breakfast in April, and a vendor show in May. The first two are definitely canceled; the third is likely to be. I was going to sell things at the vendor show, but now I think I will do that online. So buy pretty things and help us out a tiny bit in these chaotic times. Thanks!

Online Store (Coming soon!)