I have set up a teespring store. It’s in its initial stages, but I have a few things up already.

Get Phantom Force and Marella Sands merch today!

Featherfall Event

Tickets are now available for my event at the St. Louis Fringe Festival. The event will take place on August 18, 5:30 p.m.

FEATHERFALL – Get tickets here!


The third book in the alternate history series is now available on Amazon!

Baton Rouge is the most alien place agent Delilah Thorn has ever been. Everything from the local cuisine to the alligators to the French-speaking populace works to keep her off-balance. Thorn is surrounded by potential enemies, a religion she does not understand, and deceit. Can she succeed in sorting through the conflicting information to understand why Louisiana has begun closing its death camps and has started to forge its own way independent of the rest of the Confederacy?Dane Rook has finally been cleared to go into the field full-time. Though it means time away from his personal life, he is excited to get back to what he does best, this time in a place he’s never before visited: Louisiana. He is to be back-up to his old partner, Delilah Thorn. But forces conspire to keep them apart and his mission appears to be over before it even begins.The bayous hold many secrets, and their waters are deep and dark. Can Rook find Thorn, and together, can they determine who is friend, who is foe, and do their part to support those trying to bring Louisiana out of the darkness?

St. Louis Fringe Festival

The St. Louis Fringe Festival, has moved online for 2020, its ninth year. One of my short stories, Featherfall, which is available in the anthology Restless Bones, will be featured during the festival.

More details to come as the time gets closer. What I can say for now is that the festival will run from August 16-23. A fundraiser will be held on July 25. Keep an eye open for more details!

Tarsal Tunnel

So I’ve been diagnosed with a couple of things this year I didn’t even know were things, such as fructose intolerance and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Fructose intolerance is like lactose intolerance only it’s a different sugar your body doesn’t process correctly. On the good side, it means I can now eat ice cream again provided I make sure to buy the stuff that only has milk, cream, sugar, and eggs in it. But it means I’m to avoid anything high in fructose, which includes a few foods I like, such as orange juice, watermelons, and peas. And basically anything that says “corn syrup” on the label.

Testing for fructose intolerance means drinking a solution of fructose and water, then blowing into a test tube every 30 minutes for 3 hours. The amount of trace gases in your exhalations let the lab know whether or not you are digesting the fructose. I also got to do that for sucrose but that came back normal.

But then comes the tarsal tunnel diagnosis. I have been having lots of pain and numbness in my feet and have seen a couple other podiatrists, but the one I’m seeing now seems much more on the ball. She did some evaluation in our initial consult, then ordered things like x-rays and nerve conduction studies, and then told me I’d need surgery.

We did the right foot last Friday and will do the left one later in the summer. According to her, usually there’s just a little band she has to snip to release the nerve, but in my foot, there were adhesions “all the way up.” I take that to mean all the way to the ankle joint. She said the adhesions were very fibrous and thick and sounded like celery when she cut through them.

Here’s a couple of things about this doctor: when she showed up before surgery to speak to me, she was wearing a t-shirt that said, “In my defense, it was a full moon and I was left unsupervised.” Also, she apparently draws cartoons on her patients. Surgeons generally make a mark on whatever body part they’re going to operate on, but she goes a bit farther. After she’d drawn on my foot, I asked her if she’d signed it and she said yes. You can see the remains of the cartoon in this photo.

Incision looking good; the surgeon said she was happy to see it “wrinkly.” I assume she meant it wasn’t swollen. Two weeks to go, though, before I can put any weight on it.

YouTube Subscribers

So I’ve finally cracked 150 subscribers (it’s only taken 6 months!). Let’s keep going and get to 200 by the end of summer, ok?

If there’s anything you’d like to see on the channel, let me know. Right now, I’m just putting up stuff that interests me because I have no other opinions to consult. But what interests you? More movie reviews? More writing advice? More short stories? Comment on the channel or email me your thoughts. And thanks for your support!

More stuff is on the way!

The online store will shortly have a lot more things in it – here’s the pile of stuff waiting their closeups. Bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and ornaments – more are on the way.

New House Resident

Rosemary (“Rosie”) is our newest adoptee. Once she gets through quarantine, she can join the other rats in the big cage. She is still such a little thing!

Cat Has a Fit

So, for two months, we have been home. On the rare instances we have an errand to run, only one of us leaves the house. When Todd leaves, the cat finds me and stares at me. I’m pretty sure she’s ordering me to get him back ASAP.

Today, for the first time since sometime in March, we were both gone at the same time. Not for even an hour, but it was enough. We returned to find the blinds in the living room destroyed. Clearly, the cat had a freak-out.

I Was on the Radio!

I was interviewed for Chat and Spin Radio last Saturday and have uploaded the interview for your convenience. Enjoy!

Marella on Chat and Spin Radio (UK)