Heading to Asia

For a long time, I’ve wanted to be able to spend more than a few days in another country. I wanted to know what it was like to live there, even if it was just for a couple of months. Even better if I had a job, and had to navigate living and working somewhere not in the U.S. Now it looks like that bucket list item is going to happen: I should be spending spring semester 2022 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Looking forward to living in a city on the Silk Road!

Books, Jelly, And More!

I continue to be busy. Descending Skies is now out. Click on the link to purchase it. Visiting Strangers is with my writers group and should be out within a couple of weeks. **Addendum** Visiting Strangers is now available!

Spring flowers are making some yummy jellies: honeysuckle, lilac, dandelion, violet. I’ve also tried corn cob jelly. Honey-lemon and hibiscus are the next experiments. I’m also trying some cookie recipes that use flowers and the corn I cut off the cobs.

Things on the YouTube channel have been slow as everyone else is very busy, too! But I finally have some more Infernal Intercourse episodes ready to go and should have another Satanist Says What? this week. I’m hoping to get a new Spoilers With Friends in the hopper just as soon as my co-conspirator Anne is able to find a spare minute to discuss As Above, So Below.

Now that everyone is getting vaccinated, we may be able to gather to film some more Phantom Force episodes. So look forward to that!

Eating Flowers!

So, now that I’ve been experimenting with different jellies and jams, I’ve been gravitating toward doing more flower-oriented jellies. I’ve already made lavender, rose, dandelion, and violet. I also want to do some teas. I’ve ordered a couple of books on edible flowers but this site also lists quite a few. I think hibiscus and marigold might be up next, but who knows? What would you like to see?

Some pretty marigolds!
Dandelion jelly
Freshly-picked violets

Visiting Strangers

I should finish up the first draft of this in the next few days. Then it’s time to rewrite Descending Skies and start work on Promised Land. Also Heaps of Broken Images, Feeding the Bird of Tondal, and Drifting Souls up next!


More good news! My short story “Nest,” which has been adapted as a radio play, will be one of the works featured in the 2021 season of St. Lou Fringe (Aug 13-22). More details to come!


Kick in the Pants

It’s official! My play “Kick in the Pants” will be produced by First Run Theatre for their Spectrum 2021 season. This is the first time one of my works has been produced on stage.

Perfomance dates are Sept 24-26 and Oct 1-3 and will be at Bethel Lutheran Church.

More details later!

New Series

I’m wrapping up draft #1 of the first book of my new series, Escaping Normal. This series will be non-fiction and will focus on the paranormal phenomenon people report experiencing. You can even submit your story to be featured in the books!

The cover of the first book is almost finished. Take a look at the current draft.

Got words?

Here’s my newest release: a Twi-English dictionary! Forming a word list of my own became a necessity shortly after I started studying Twi, because none of the dictionaries I had were very helpful. Twi words can change their initial letters (or even drop them) under certain circumstances, which is very confusing for a beginner. Now you can have my word list, too!

Got Stories?

I’m looking for some personal stories on UFO encounters, cryptid encounters, or other paranormal events. I’m especially interested in the Nevada Triangle (can’t find too much on that yet) but other stories also welcomed!

If you’re willing to share, let me know by emailing me.

Here is a link to a release form here so you can download it for yourself. I would love to feature you and your story in my upcoming works!

So colorful!

Lately, I have been learning a little bit about Ghanaian fabrics and what the designs they feature mean. Here are a few. Hope you find them as interesting as I do.

Gramophone Mpaawa shows the shape of a record or a CD (a CD is apaawa in Twi; mpaawa is the plural form). This pattern would be appropriate for a musician to wear!
The akyekyedeɛ akyi pattern represents the back of a turtle. The shell is a good symbol of protection.
This pattern is called bonsu, or whale. If you wore this pattern, you might want to communicate that you are someone who can’t be pushed around!
This pattern is called ɔdehyeɛ ɛnsu, royals don’t cry. It means that, while you might cry in private, in public you are able to put your personal feelings aside and take care of business.

For advice on how to pronounce Twi, one of the most widely spoken languages in Ghana, check out LearnAkan.com!