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“Take Back” Your Time

One of the radio stations I listen to has a female DJ who shills for a laser hair removal company.  The commercial starts off with her commiserating with her listeners about all the time she used to spend shaving.  But, of course, thanks to some laser hair removal appointments, that’s all changed and she’s so much happier now.  Cue the unicorns and rainbows. Then the DJ encourages her listeners to “take that time back.”  You know, because time spent grooming [...]

Tasty Treats

Need a tasty place to find some good food?  Try these places: Simply Thai I admit I don’t like noodles and so most Thai food doesn’t appeal to me, but I love yellow curry.  It’s how I evaluate a Thai restaurant — do they even serve yellow curry, and if they do, how good is it?  Everyone else I’ve been here with has enjoyed what they had.  Plus the people are extremely nice. You’ll find Simply Thai at 2470 N [...]

I love Joss Whedon, but…

Yes, I love Joss Whedon.  True, I never quite got the whole Browncoat thing; and while I have nothing against her personally, I have no idea why he casts Amy Acker in everything; and apparently I liked Dollhouse better than anyone else, but still.  It’s Joss Whedon, the guy who responded to the question “Why do you write strong female characters?” with “Because you keep asking me that question.” So I want to make it clear that I really, really [...]


Ads are often boring or just plain stupid or even nonsensical.  But sometimes, they’re classics.  Here are a few of my favorites. Selling car insurance – with Burt Bacharach Herding cats – don’t let anybody tell you it’s easy It’s a BIG ad – for beer. Best use of Orff’s “O Fortuna” ever Bring about world peace – all you need is some smooth dance moves, a little LMFAO, and a Kia Soul (doesn’t hurt if the dancers are hamsters) [...]

Movies and Cookies

We’re having friends over tonight for a marathon of Airplane and Airplane II.  This will necessitate tea, Yorkshire pudding, brownies, bourbon balls, and oatmeal raisin cookies.  The oatmeal raisin cookies were my grandmother’s specialty and my dad’s favorite.  Here’s the recipe, with some notes on how I have to modify it to get the cookies to turn out right. Bob’s Favorite Cookie 3 eggs 1 cup lard (or butter or margarine) 2 cups oatmeal 1 cup sugar (but ¾ cup [...]

Remember the animals over the holidays

Here’s Sweet Betsy From Pike with a question.  How will you answer?  Doesn’t every animal deserve a forever home?

My new favorite saying

I have this printed out and taped to my computer: Every person who possesses a Western education and material quality of life is obligated to use that unprecedented power to do good on behalf of the billions who still live in the dark. Words to live by.

Here we go…

And the newest post is . . . a picture!

Moving the site

Going to try something new.  I’ve had a website since the mid 1990s but it has remained pretty much the same over all that time.  Let’s see how quickly I can navigate the new style of blogging-site, except without, perhaps, a lot of blogging.  You know, I’m just really not *that* fascinating!