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I have set up a teespring store. It’s in its initial stages, but I have a few things up already. Get Phantom Force and Marella Sands merch today!

Featherfall Event

Tickets are now available for my event at the St. Louis Fringe Festival. The event will take place on August 18, 5:30 p.m. FEATHERFALL – Get tickets here!


The third book in the alternate history series is now available on Amazon! Baton Rouge is the most alien place agent Delilah Thorn has ever been. Everything from the local cuisine to the alligators to the French-speaking populace works to keep her off-balance. Thorn is surrounded by potential enemies, a religion she does not understand, and deceit. Can she succeed in sorting through the conflicting information to understand why Louisiana has begun closing its death camps and has started to […]

St. Louis Fringe Festival

The St. Louis Fringe Festival, has moved online for 2020, its ninth year. One of my short stories, Featherfall, which is available in the anthology Restless Bones, will be featured during the festival. More details to come as the time gets closer. What I can say for now is that the festival will run from August 16-23. A fundraiser will be held on July 25. Keep an eye open for more details!

YouTube Playlists

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel yet, here’s what you can find there: Sounds of Sands: the playlist where talented people read my work, either short stories or the first chapters of my novels. Writers Wroom: either me talking about writing, or other writers talking about writing Getting Nosy With It: enthusiastic people (some writers, some not) who share the kinds of things that drive them and that catch their attention. Writers are never satisfied and are always […]