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More stuff is on the way!

The online store will shortly have a lot more things in it – here’s the pile of stuff waiting their closeups. Bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and ornaments – more are on the way.

You Need a Venus in Your Life

I’ve added more things to the online store, including a pendant that includes a small antique silver-colored Venus of Willendorf. You know you need her in your jewelry collection! SOLD!!


So, I’ve tried Twitter before but was really bad at it, like I am bad at blogging. But, trying again…. you can follow me @MarellaSands


Now, if you order anything off this website, you will receive your bit of jewelry or bead soup in a fancy envelope with pineapples on it! I saw these and couldn’t resist. Now you have no reason NOT buy my stuff!

Here We Go Again

Hi! I’m Marella Sands, author of books like Restless Bones and Through a Keyhole, Darkly. I finally looked at this site again and realized I hadn’t posted anything since…(drumroll, please)….2013! Needless to say, I’m not a very good blogger. So, let’s try this again. First: I now have a YouTube Channel. Go over there and subscribe, why doncha? I’ve got videos featuring me and Pastor Brian Antonio discussing the theology of the TV show Lucifer; I’ve got videos of people reading […]