Monthly Archives: April 2020

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Buying Things

I usually buy Christmas presents while I’m on vacation but who knows if we’ll get to go on a vacation this year. So, friends, if you are expecting a gift from me, it may very well be that I already have it, as I have been spending part of my life while in lockdown on the internet buying stuff on Etsy and Ebay. So…..Merry Christmas?

Are you a fan of dogs?

Maybe you need this bracelet – charms are dogs and pawprints, and the main color is pink! This one’s now been taken, but I can do something similar because I have more dog and paw print charms! Let me know if you’d like something like this and it wouldn’t have to be pink if you prefer another accent color.

You Need a Venus in Your Life

I’ve added more things to the online store, including a pendant that includes a small antique silver-colored Venus of Willendorf. You know you need her in your jewelry collection! SOLD!!

YouTube Playlists

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel yet, here’s what you can find there: Sounds of Sands: the playlist where talented people read my work, either short stories or the first chapters of my novels. Writers Wroom: either me talking about writing, or other writers talking about writing Getting Nosy With It: enthusiastic people (some writers, some not) who share the kinds of things that drive them and that catch their attention. Writers are never satisfied and are always […]


So, I’ve tried Twitter before but was really bad at it, like I am bad at blogging. But, trying again…. you can follow me @MarellaSands


Now, if you order anything off this website, you will receive your bit of jewelry or bead soup in a fancy envelope with pineapples on it! I saw these and couldn’t resist. Now you have no reason NOT buy my stuff!

Here We Go Again

Hi! I’m Marella Sands, author of books like Restless Bones and Through a Keyhole, Darkly. I finally looked at this site again and realized I hadn’t posted anything since…(drumroll, please)….2013! Needless to say, I’m not a very good blogger. So, let’s try this again. First: I now have a YouTube Channel. Go over there and subscribe, why doncha? I’ve got videos featuring me and Pastor Brian Antonio discussing the theology of the TV show Lucifer; I’ve got videos of people reading […]