“Take Back” Your Time

One of the radio stations I listen to has a female DJ who shills for a laser hair removal company.  The commercial starts off with her commiserating with her listeners about all the time she used to spend shaving.  But, of course, thanks to some laser hair removal appointments, that’s all changed and she’s so much happier now.  Cue the unicorns and rainbows.

Then the DJ encourages her listeners to “take that time back.”  You know, because time spent grooming is, apparently, wasted time.  Time you have to “take back.”  So, take control of your life, and make an appointment for a free consultation, and “take back” the part of your life you spend shaving.

I found myself thinking about the concept of “taking back” my time from, well, not specifically shaving, but any of my chores.  Laundry?  Cooking?  Washing my hair?  Changing the rats’ cages?  Is that also time I need to “take back?”  Was that time wasted on something unworthy of me?  It must have been.  Otherwise, why would I need to take it back?

Which begs the question: take it back for what?  So I could do something more worthy, one presumes.  Create art?  Save a life?  Visit the sick?  Surely I’m not supposed to take back my time and then squander it writing a blog post.  Or visiting Facebook.  Or watering the plants.

Perhaps we should all be more aware of how we spend our time.  But I don’t think I’m going to worry about unworthy uses of it, as if I’m above some personal grooming or household drudgery.  Into every life a few chores must fall, and what’s so bad about that?



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