2021 Playlists

I’m still making videos for my YouTube channel. You could be featured in one if you want! Here are the playlists I have right now:

Peering at Passion: The newest playlist. I was wondering how I could help support small businesses during the Time of Pandemic. It’s difficult to start up a new business in the best of times, and these are not the best of times. If you have a business you’re trying to keep afloat (no MLMs, please, just YOUR small business), contact me and let’s boost the signal, even if only a tiny bit. We’ll get through this pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other whenever we can. So let’s do this!

Infernal Intercourse: Pastor Brian and I discuss theology and the TV show Lucifer. Sometimes, we get a little far afield and discuss topics like, Where did the tradition of hell come from? How did the character of Satan develop? What is queer theology? If you’d like to discuss either the television show and/or a certain theological topic, contact me and let’s see if we can get the three of us in a Zoom call to discuss.

Getting Nosy With It: This playlist is for the topics that interest me and/or my audience. Do you have a hobby you just adore? Have you traveled to some exotic place? Have you learned something really cool? If you have an interest in discussing almost any topic, this is the playlist for you.

Writers Wroom: This is a place for me and/or others to discuss their own writing, or writing topics in general. If you have a book you’d like to push, here’s your playlist. Contact me and let’s chat about your release.

Spoilers With Friends: My friend Anne Willis and I discuss horror movies. Mostly we discuss the ones we liked and would recommend, although sometimes not. We rate the movies (and sometimes documentaries) on a scale of 1-5 creepy doll heads.

Nnimdeɛ Apata (Knowledge Store): This is the playlist for all things Akan-related. Here you’ll find puzzles to help you build you Twi vocabulary, stories read in both English and Twi by native speakers, interviews with Akans on Akan culture, and more.

Sounds of Sands: My work, read by people with better speaking voices than I have.

Phantom Force: My ghostbusting spoof webseries, which is progressing at a slower pace than I thought it would because getting out to film episodes isn’t happening. This play list also has a Phantom Force: BTS playlist where I discuss various topics relating to the paranormal.

Junque: This is for things, like updates on the channel, that don’t fit in anywhere else. Look here for information on me, the channel, or anything else I think needs to be out there, but is more an announcement than an episode of a playlist.

That’s it for now! If you have something interesting that you want to talk about, let me know! Ways to contact me are in the column to the right of the screen.

Have a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2021, and while you’re at it, stop by my YouTube channel! Let’s chat about something important to you, and also build that subscriber list. I’m grateful for every one of the 185 subscribers I have now, but let’s see if we can’t crank that number at least a little higher.

Thanks for your support!

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