Books, Jelly, And More!

I continue to be busy. Descending Skies is now out. Click on the link to purchase it. Visiting Strangers is with my writers group and should be out within a couple of weeks. **Addendum** Visiting Strangers is now available!

Spring flowers are making some yummy jellies: honeysuckle, lilac, dandelion, violet. I’ve also tried corn cob jelly. Honey-lemon and hibiscus are the next experiments. I’m also trying some cookie recipes that use flowers and the corn I cut off the cobs.

Things on the YouTube channel have been slow as everyone else is very busy, too! But I finally have some more Infernal Intercourse episodes ready to go and should have another Satanist Says What? this week. I’m hoping to get a new Spoilers With Friends in the hopper just as soon as my co-conspirator Anne is able to find a spare minute to discuss As Above, So Below.

Now that everyone is getting vaccinated, we may be able to gather to film some more Phantom Force episodes. So look forward to that!

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