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I figure I’ll just post some random family photos I like and add bits of genealogical data on occasion. If you think you see someone related to you or would like more info, let me know!

Sunday dinner picture with the Phillips/Toulouse side of the family.  This picture was taken ca. 1918 in Hamburg, IL, in front of the log cabin where my mother was born a few years later.  The cabin was built ca. 1838.

This is my mother’s gr-gr-grandmother and her fourteen children.  My family is descended from Louisa, who is seated on the left in the middle row.

On the left is the Martha I was named for, my grandmother Sarah Martha (Washburn) Pigg (1909-1992).  On the right is the Martha she was named for, her grandmother Martha Ellen (McGrew) Washburn (1832-1912).

This is Joel Anderson Warford (1844-1930).  He was in the 14th Kentucky Cavalry during the Civil War, and later in life moved from Kentucky to Dinuba, California, where he is buried in Smith Mountain Cemetery.  These are four of his children: Alice and Nannie in the back; Katie and Miranda (1865-1920) in the front (her tombstone gives her name as Maranda).  Miranda was my father’s paternal grandmother.

How to get a marriage certificate in 1882 – get the bride’s father to write the county clerk a note.  The note then gets filed by the clerk, only to be unearthed by some genealogist a century later.  A digital copy of this note was sent to me by one of Alice’s descendants.

William VanDyke Pigg Jr. on the left (married Miranda Warford in 1884), Alice (Warford) Hamilton (Miranda’s sister, the same one mentioned in the note and in the top left of the previous photo), Sue (Crask) Pigg (Wm Pigg’s second wife, married in 1921), and my grandmother Martha.  This was taken ca. 1923.

Luther DeLong on his Gilead farmstead ca. 1895.  Luther Allen DeLong was in the 42nd Illinois Infantry during the Civil War, was captured in late 1864, and interned at Andersonville.  His son William, on the right in this photo, graduated from Washington University Medical School in 1907.


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